The app says I have an incorrect code

An error message relating to an incorrect code typically means your authenticator code has expired. You have up to 30 seconds to input it before your authenticator generates a new code. Check your code is still valid before inputting it.

If you are still receiving an incorrect code message before the six digits have expired, then you may need to sync the time on your device and the authenticator app following the steps below.

iPhone users (iOS):

  • Enter your phone settings app
  • Select General > Date & Time > Set Automatically
  • If ‘Set Automatically’ is already selected then you can disable it, wait a moment, and then select it again
  • Test that two-step verification now works on your WorldFans account

Android users:

  • Enter the Google Authenticator app
  • From the Main Menu select Settings > Time correction for codes > sync now
  • Test that two-step verification now works on your WorldFans account


There is no obvious error, but two-step verification is not working

If there is no obvious error preventing your two-step verification process, try the following:

  • Double-check you are entering a current code before it expires.
  • Turn off any VPN that you are using and try again.
  • Turn off two-step verification then uninstall your authenticator app and re-install it. Check the authenticator appears to be working. You can then reactivate two-step verification.


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