If you experience issues when requesting a withdrawal of your earnings, you will receive an error message to confirm what the issue is.

The most common issue is expired or insufficient ID, in which case you will receive a message requesting that you contact support with updated identification documents. Until you have completed this action and your ID passes verification, you won't receive your earnings.

If you receive a message asking you to send updated ID, work through the troubleshooting tips below.

  • Check that your official ID is still valid. If it has expired, you will need to renew your documentation and then send a copy of your updated ID, along with a selfie of you holding the ID, to WorldFans support.
  • Check the ID you have already supplied is in the same name as your account and meets the WorldFans guidelines for official documents.
  • Check your bank account or verified wallet is in the same name as your verified ID.


For ID updates, you will need to submit two documents or images.

  1. A copy of your government-issued identification.
  2. A selfie or photo of you holding the same government-issued ID.


The documents you submit must meet the standards listed below.

  • Documents must be a scan or a photo of the original document and in colour.
  • The image or scan must show the corners of the submitted document.
  • No editing, cropping, redacting or changing sizes of the document.
  • You must send images in .JPG or .PNG format to a maximum size of 7 MB.


Additionally, US Creators must submit a W9 form.

Once your ID is approved, you will need to re-confirm your preferred method for receiving your earnings.

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