If you do not have the option to request a payout on your available funds, then it is most likely because your banking details do not match the name on your official ID or you have not uploaded your banking details correctly. To correct this:

  • Ensure you provide details of a bank account or card in the same name as the official one shown on your ID.
  • Check the banking details you have uploaded are correct (go to My > Banking).

US Creators

If you have checked the above and everything is in order, and you live in the US, then you may not have filled in your W-9 form correctly. A common error is not to provide the full details requested in box number six. Please review your W-9 form and resend it to support@worldfans.com if you find an error.

Account frozen

If you have completed checks on your ID and banking details, and there is no issue, your account may be frozen due to one or more of the following problems:

  • Your account has been reported for not following the WorldFans Terms and Conditions
  • Suspected hacking of your account
  • Potentially fraudulent activity on your account.

Contact WorldFans support to identify the issue and work with the team to resolve it.

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