The most common reasons for WorldFans rejecting your Creator account include:

  • The copy of your ID is low quality, or shows an ID that is out of date, due to expire in 30 days, does not match the name you have tried to register with, does not contain a photo of you, or that does not include the front and back of your ID.
  • Your selfie is low quality or does not include your ID document.
  • You have applied with another Creator, and only one of you has provided documents.
  • WorldFans needs to verify you with a secondary ID, such as an international passport.
  • You are younger than 18.
  • WorldFans also needs to verify you through a valid social media or Google account.
  • Your WorldFans profile picture or cover photo do not match the photo on your ID, they give a misleading view of the content you will be creating, or they contain nudity or images of sex.
  • You wish to promote escort services, which are not allowed under WorldFans Terms and Conditions.
  • Your account should not offer direct contact with Fans outside of the WorldFans platform.
  • You are promoting services or payment methods that sit outside of the WorldFans platform, which is a violation of Terms and Conditions.
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